Version History

The first release of our new Maui Postcards App is just the beginning. It may seem like a simple App – which is kind of the point – but we hope to add more social features and a few other enhancements in later releases.

Version 1.0.1 – August, 2012

  • Updated incorrect URL for website in Share App via Email Message feature.
  • Added new item in Menu settings to open Maui Postcards page on Facebook.
  • Added new item in Menu settings to open Maui by Postcards blog.
  • Updated Twitter account in Menu settings from @DailyMauiPhoto to @MauiPostcards.

Version 1.0 – July, 2012

Initial Release

  • Browse photos in multiple categories on both iPhone and iPad.
  • Create personalized postcards, powered by Sincerely.
  • Send postcards to US addresses for $1.99, International for $2.99.

New Features Planned

There is already a fairly large list of features planned for the next few releases already, and as all of that gets worked out, I’ll hope to post some of the previews here as they near completion.

I’m also hoping to add a dedicated place for folks to submit their own requests and ideas, but for now, the best place to do that is the Contact Me page.