The following information is to supplement the existing Help screens within the Maui Postcards App today, as well as provide information for website visitors who haven’t yet installed the App and would like to learn more how it works.

As I collect more feedback from users, I’ll work to put together a FAQ page to help answer the most common questions.

Until then, if the information below doesn’t address your question or issue, please feel free to Contact Me.

Getting Started

Photo Catalog

When you first launch the application, it connects to the Internet to download the catalog of categories and photos available for creating postcards. Photo downloads will take longer over a cellular connection, so WiFi is recommended for best performance.

Note: The App includes logic to download the smallest image sizes possible for your device’s display and the current part of the App you’re using.

As you progress to the full photo preview screen and postcard customization steps, the App downloads higher quality versions of those photos to ensure you’re seeing the best full photo preview and also your final postcard is printed with the highest quality.

Browsing Photos

When the catalog is updated, you’ll start with a list of categories on the main screen. Simply tap a category to see the photos available.

Photo Categories view on the iPhone

Photo Categories view on the iPad

As you browse through photos in each category, you can tap a photo to see the full screen preview. Since the photos in the category screens are smaller, the App needs to connect to the Internet to download a larger version for full screen mode, so you may see a loading indicator while this happens.

Category view for browsing photos on the iPhone

Category view for browsing photos on the iPad

In the full screen preview mode, you can swipe back and forth to view other photos without having to return back to the category screen.

Selecting a Photo

When you’re viewing the full screen preview of a photo and like to use it for your postcard, simply tap the Select button in the upper right hand corner.

Full Photo Preview on the iPhone

Full Screen Preview on the iPad

When hitting Select, the App will download a print-quality version of the photo to your device before starting the postcard creation process. After all, you want your postcard to be super high quality, right?

After the photo is downloaded, the postcard creation process will begin, which is powered by Sincerely.

Customizing Your Postcard with Sincerely

The postcard creation process is powered by the Sincerely Ship engine, and is detailed in the steps below.

Note: Visit to learn more about their services, their Apps, and to create and manage your account.

Step 1: Print & Ship

The first screen you’ll see if the Print & Ship screen, which shows you the photo you’ve selected.

If you’ve previously signed in with Sincerely, you’ll see a Log Out button in the upper right corner should you wish to sign out.

Sincerely Start screen on the iPhone

Sincerely Start screen on the iPad

Step 2: Move and Scale

The next step allows you to move and scale the selected photo, as well as crop any edges to fit a 4×6 postcard.

Note: Most of the photos we’ve selected for this App will need minimum cropping, if any.

Step 3: Personalize

Here, you get to customize your postcard to be your own.

Press the Message button to add or edit your personal message to the back of the postcard. Don’t forget to say Aloha! and include your name at the end.

Personalize your Postcard on the iPhone

Personalize your Postcard on the iPad

You also have the option for adding a small profile photos in the lower left hand corner of your postcard. This can be any photo from your Camera Roll, but you’ll need to crop it to a square image after you select it.

Ordering Process


If this is the first postcard you’re creating with Maui Postcards, you’ll first be asked for your Email address.

Note: This is only shared with Sincerely to login or create an account, it is never saved by or shared with the developer of Maui Postcards.

If you already have a Sincerely account or have used one of the Apps available on their website, you’ll be able to use the same account and will be prompted for your password after entering your email address.


If you don’t already have an account, after entering your email address you’ll be asked to create a new account.

This address is saved with your Sincerely profile and does not show up on the printed postcard.


Once you have an account or have logged in, it’s time to select the lucky folks who will receive your postcard.

If you’ve sent other postcards before, you’ll see a list of recipients from your Sincerely address book. You can also manage your address book online at

Note: The names and addresses are saved to your Sincerely account and are never shared with or saved by the developer of Maui Postcards.

To add new recipients, click the big Address button.

Once you have one or more recipients selected, click Continue to Step 4.

Add Recipient

When you add new recipients, you’ll fill out their name, street address, and postal code.

You can also click on the Address book icon to open the Contacts list on your device to select an existing name and address.

Step 4: Summary

On the last screen, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information if this is the first postcard you’ve created.

Once you’ve entered payment information once, it will be saved with your Sincerely account and you won’t need to enter it again.

Note: This payment information is sent to Sincerely for processing and saved with your Sincerely account. It is never shared with or saved by the developer of Maui Postcards.

After you’ve confirmed everything looks good, hit the “I’ll Buy!” button at the bottom and you’re all set.

Menu Options

Many of the Menu settings are self explanatory, so only the less obvious ones and select others are discussed here.


Reload Photos
The App will automatically check for updated catalog information and new photos periodically, but if for some reason things start looking a bit off, use this option to clear out the existing categories and start from scracth.


Spread the Aloha

Rate this App
Opens the Reviews page in the App Store for Maui Postcards. Read previous reviews and leave one yourself (much appreciated, if you do!).

Note: I have made the intentional decision to not include those annoying “Rate Me” pop-ups in any of my Apps. I feel that if you like an App well enough (or if you have strong feelings against it) you’ll make the effort to leave a review without being prompted.

Share this App
Starts a new Email Message using the Mail application on your device, if a Mail account is configured.

The new Email Message will contain a link to the Maui Postcards App in the App Store and a default subject line.