What is this Sincerely thing in the Maui Postcards App?

About Sincerely Ship

Sincerely Ship is functionality offered by Sincerely Inc., a small group of folks based in sunny California.

They have release a handful of very fun and addicting Apps for Smartphones and tablets that let you create neat and innovative gifts with your own images, and have them printed and delivered anywhere in the world.

With the rise in success of their own Apps, they took their services a step further and offered code to other developers (like me) to include their own Apps. In fact, there are over 40 Apps in the App Store today featuring the Sincerely Ship feature.

Sincerely Account

When you create and order a postcard in the Maui Postcards App, you’re creating a new Sincerely Account – or using an existing account you’ve created in one of their Apps or Apps using their software, too.

By accessing your Sincerely Account on their website at, you can manage your account with features like:

  • Track your Orders
  • Manage your Address Book
  • Pre-purchase Credits
  • View your purchase history
  • and more

More from Sincerely

For more information about Sincerely, their Apps, customer support, privacy policy and more, visit for more details.