Privacy Policy

The following is the Privacy Policy for the Maui Postcards App for iOS. It is also available within the App itself by selected Privacy Policy from the Menu options.


It might sound cliche, but this App was built with the Aloha Spirit in mind. Therefore, there is no hidden agenda, secret informaiton gathering, or marketing ploys here that are going to compromise your privacy.

What follows is just the plain-English version of how privacy is taken into account in Maui Postcards. If you have questions or would like to see something clarified further, please let me know using the Contact Me feature in the Menu options or here at the website on the Contact Me page.

Information Collected

We know you love Maui, so there isn’t else about you that we’re interested in collecting. In fact, the only information we collect for users of Maui Postcards is whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod, and which version of the operating system (iOS) you have installed.

And the only reason we’re capturing that information is so that we have a better picture of which new features from Apple we can support in future versions and Apps.

Sincerely Integration

The actual postcard creating, ordering, printing, and mailing is all handled by a company named Sincerely Inc. These fine folks offer software to make all of this possible, and that software has been added to Maui Postcards so you can Share the Magic of Maui.

The account creation and personal information collected by Sincerely during the postcard customization process and ordering information is handled directly by Sincerely and is never seen, shared, or saved with the developer of Maui Postcards.

Account related and notification emails sent regarding your postcard orders are also sent to you directly by Sincerely and not the developer of this App. Unless you choose to contact the developer of Maui Postcards by email from the Contact Me option, the developer will never see your email address, name, or anything else about you.

Order Reporting

After you complete a postcard purchase, the Maui Postcards App does capture both the category and the photograph you used in your order. This information is in no way traceable back to you or your device, and it’s only gathered so we can monitor which photos are the most popular and feature a Popular Photos category in a future version of the App.

Email Messages

There are currently two places within the Maui Postcards App that you can create an email message from the Menu options.

  1. Share this App
  2. Contact Me

Share this App

When using the Share this App feature, you are creating a private email message to any contacts or addresses of your choosing. This is done using the built-in Mail application that comes with your device and not the Maui Postcards App itself.

Any messages you send with the Share this App feature are never inspected, monitored, or saved by developer of Maui Postcards.

Contact Me

When using the Contact Me feature, you are creating a new email message with the developer’s email address entered in the Recipient field. By sending an email to the developer, you will be sharing your name and email address that you have configured in your Mail application.

There is currently no way to send an anonymous message to the developer within the App itself, but please check our website address listed in the About App section of the Menu options for more contact options.

Twitter Integration

Currently, the Maui Postcards App has a feature in the Share this App section of the Menu options that allows you to send a tweet with a link to this App in the App Store. This feature uses the built-in Twitter integration support for your device provided by Apple, and therefore no additional login or authentication is required.

Your Twitter account information is never shared, saved, or sent to the developer of Maui Postcards.

Last Updated: July 10, 2012