Aug 10

Must See Maui [Posters]

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Must See Maui poster design

A hidden waterfall in the West Maui Mountains are a must see for yourself.

Although one of the more expensive things to do on Maui, being able to see the island from above and getting to visit places otherwise inaccessible by other means is something I wish everyone would be able to enjoy at least once.

Personally, I know I am very blessed to be able to have been on multiple such journeys, enough so that I put together an entire eBook edition in my Maui by Poster series showcasing just my aerial images above Maui.

And in addition to the free eBook, you can also find many of those same images available in our Maui Postcards App in the Aerial category.

Poster Designs

The aerial association aside, today’s featured postcard comes from the Posters category in our App, and you probably have noticed a few things different with this one compared to the previous postcards we’ve featured so far.

First, well, it’s vertical (or portrait) while conventional wisdom tells us that standard postcards are oriented in a horizontal fashion – a la postal mail style.

The second is that it features text while other categories are just the beauty of Maui in all her glory.

Well, these images are from that same Maui by Poster eBook Series I just mentioned above – coming instead from the initial edition in the series.

More Posters

Be sure to check out other poster-designed postcards in our Maui Postcards App, as well as all the poster designs in the free Maui by Poster eBook, Volume 1.

And if you’d like a poster for yourself, don’t miss the Order Prints page and put some Aloha on your wall!

Have a great weekend, and see you back here soon for another featured postcard.

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